7500 years ago the Danes were already busy collecting oysters, and catching fish with handspears in the shallow waters of bays and lagoons. Gigantic piles of shells and bones from fish, whales and sharks have been left behind by our ancestors everywhere along the coastline of Denmark. Spearfishing in modern times is increasingly popular and yearly championships have been held since 1967. The Nordic culture for spearfishing is strong and its rooted in our history. We care about the environment and we aim to set great examples on how to proudly harvesting the ocean in a sustainable way.

”To travel is to live”. The words written by the great Danish storyteller and poet Hans Christian Andersen almost two centuries ago. In September 2019, more than 80 athletes will travel from both the European and the African continent to The Little Mermaid's native island of Fyn (Funen). Athletes will compete in the, without comparison, largest Spearfishing competition ever held in Northern Europe. Danish Sportdivers Federation is proud to announce the organization of the XXXII Euro-African Spearfishing Championship as well as the First Spearfishing Euro-African Cup for women.

This historic event will take place at Christiansminde Hotel in Svendborg (Funen), and the competition areas will be at Sprogoe, Nyborg, and Langeland. Sprogø is a unique spearfishing hot-spot in Denmark with opportunities to catch most of the Danish fish species. The spearfishing takes place under the bridges, at the bottom of wind turbines, in the caves and in deep water - under rocks or wrecks that may be down to 30 meters depth. Sprogø is always exposed to a very challenging and powerful current. Langeland is also a spearfishing hot-spot, with opportunities encounters with cod and flatfish. Langeland is also home to very large turbot - and cod are found in large shoals or in caves under large rocks.

Nyborg will be Women's competition area. Especially under the bridge is a good spot to look for cods. The current under the bridge is very strong and makes fishing to a challenge. We are looking forward to the very first female Euro-African Championship as well. Both competitions will be different from earlier CMAS spearfishing championships because the athletes will have to power themselves at all times. No boats will be available to transport you. You will have to swim from the shore and fight the current and waves for 5 hours each day. Start training your legs now.

As Hans Christian Andersen said; First you go through great suffering – then you may become famous. May the best athletes win.

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The event will take place 05.09.2019 - 09.09.2019 in Svendborg